Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What the future holds for automatic washing machines

If the washing machine manufacturers get successful ay what they are doing currently then the day is not far away when we will have true dry cleaning washing machines, not the ones like we have today that use cleaning solvents instead of water. These true water-less automatic washing machines are still in development by LG.

Currently, automatic washing machines use a lot of water and soap, and require a dryer for convenient and fast cleaning. When that becomes possible not only will washing machines become more efficient, they will also become more useful than the current range of products in the market.

Though the information regarding these machines is relatively less, we have gathered that LG had been working on this for some time now. Early this year, they unveiled an automatic washing machine of this kind at the CES. The machine looks like a cross between a thin closet and a refrigerator. You put your clothes inside the cabinet, and it uses steam to blast the bacteria from your clothes that cause foul odor, as well as smooth out any of the clothes’ wrinkles. The automatic washing machine (also called Styler) allows for the addition of aroma sheets, which slip into the machine and induces a pleasant aroma to remove cloth odors. Unfortunately, this machine doesn’t yet clean your clothes. It wouldn’t be able to remove that stain on your white dress or mud stains from your kid’s school uniform.

According to latest developments however, a new washing machine is being developed that entirely removes the need for water. Other alternatives include clothing management cabinets that will allow hanging clothes to be ironed. There is also a washing machine, which uses water, but only 10% of what traditional automatic washing machines do. In this machine, nylon polymer beads absorb dirt and stains from clothing, provided that the clothing is damp.

All said and done, these waterless automatic washing machines are still in active development and manufacturers like LG is keeping mum on the development. 

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